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which range of ph is suitable for gold leaching

  • alternative lixiviants to cyanide for leaching gold ores

    the gold dissolution rate was directly proportional to iodine and iodide concentrations and was not greatly affected by changes in ph over the range ph 2–10. several early patents were granted on the application of this system for deep lead in situ leaching (mcgrew and murphy 1985) or for processing gold from electronic scrap (falanga and

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  • iodide pressure oxidation gold leaching - autoclave

    it was noted that the ph of the leaching solution changed during the course of dissolution. the dissolution rate of gold was a function of the initial ph of the leaching solution. at the low range of ph the rate increased very sharply as the ph of the solution decreased. in the range of ph 6-9 the rate was zero order against ph.

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  • leaching gold-silver ores with sodium cyanide and thiourea

    creases the gold and silver extraction. procedures and 150 ml of leaching solution were agitated in a beaker by magnetic stir- ring. ferric sulfate was added as needed to maintain the potential of the slurry between 390 and 420 mv eh which is a suitable range for gold extraction by thiourea (1). leaching was at ambient

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  • effect of ph alkalinity on gold leaching

    the role ph has in affecting gold leaching rates by cyanide and the functions of calcium hydroxide in cyanidation are as follow: 1. for safety and to prevent loss of cyanide by hydrolysis. 2. to prevent loss of cyanide by the action of carbon dioxide in the air. 3. to decompose bicarbonates in mill water before using it in cyanidation. 4. to neutralize acidic compounds such as ferrous salts

  • need a pressure washer recommendation - july 2015 - forums

    need a pressure washer recommendation will etch glass. if you want to disolve gold you need "aqua regia" (royal water) which is a mixture of hcl and kno3 (nitric acid). porous areas that