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    tungsten carbides are nice too. not quite as hard as vanadium but the wc (tungsten carbide) can be cut with silicon carbide stones especially if sic is all you have and you want a more refined edge. cpm m4 is one of my favorites. a nice combo of alloying. 1.4carbon 4.0vanadium 5.5tungsten 5.2moly 4.0chromium the wear resistance will come

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    rankin hardfacing how to order alloys manganese alloys chromium carbide alloys tungsten and vanadium carbide alloys carbon steel build-up material alloys hardbanding ranmig carbide non-mag 1 rancut smoothbanding ranoband™ 5 product support brochures & data sheets sds

  • tungsten carbide - wikipedia

    tungsten carbide (chemical formula: wc) is a chemical compound (specifically a carbide) containing equal parts of tungsten and carbon atoms. in its most basic form tungsten carbide is a fine gray powder but it can be pressed and formed into shapes through a process called sintering for use in industrial machinery cutting tools abrasives armor-piercing rounds other tools and instruments

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    two parrying hooks along the side of the blade aid in it's defensive application.the blade is forged of well compositioned alloy of iron carbon tungsten and vanadium and is forged using a

  • why is tungsten carbide an ideal tool material - meetyou

    why is tungsten carbide an ideal tool material tungsten carbide is the most widely used type of high-speed machining (hsm) tool material produced by powder metallurgy consisting of hard carbide (usually tungsten carbide wc) particles and a softer metal bond. composition.

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    maverick arsenal: powered armor by maverick_6 more strength and advanced vanadium dioxide based artificial muscle technology. depleted uranium or tungsten carbide nanocrystals at their

  • compare tungsten vs vanadium| compare properties

    compare tungsten vs vanadium on the basis of their different properties. tungsten element has the second highest melting point. pure tungsten can easily cut down with the help of hacksaw. tungsten carbide is very hard and used in metal working mining and petroleum industry.

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    vanadium carbide is the inorganic compound with the formula v c.it is an extremely hard refractory ceramic material. with a hardness of 9-9.5 mohs it is possibly the hardest metal-carbide known.it is of interest because it is prevalent in vanadium metal and alloys.